Randy Cordero MulTi - MeDiA entertainment ... or something

Super Diamond's Traveling Salvation Show

Seattle Times

When your parents popped in a Neil Diamond tape on repeat during long interstate road trips, you reluctantly sang along. Never thought you'd turn out to be a Diamond fan now, right? But singing along to "Sweet Caroline" and "Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show" is so addictive now, you'd do anything to see Neil on stage

A band out of San Francisco can put a rest to that Diamond thirst. Super Diamond delivers a high-octane Diamond tribute show that rocks

Randy Cordero, the lead singer of Super Diamond is known as the Surreal Neil, and one look at his attire is explanation enough. The guys from Super Diamond dress in flamboyant sequined shirts and velvet bell bottoms, with a little leopard skin thrown in. They're a wild bunch


TijuanaStripClub - Sparklers and Bottlerockets

When you take brilliantly disguised pop/country songs and force Leonard Cohen to sing them at gunpoint, what you get is TijuanaStripClub. This album oozes brilliance at each turn. Soft and smooth darkly tinted vocals work their way effortlessly over glittering, sparkling musical soundscapes

The songs are cohesive, and the mood of the entire album is carried forth on the smoky voice of Randy Cordero, the principle songwriter/performer of TSC, and as far as I can tell, the man who put the album together and then created a band to support it. Not a new idea, but an amazingly well done one in this case.